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would clearing the service books on my berry render it useless? cause i think that ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    service books


    would clearing the service books on my berry render it useless? cause i think that might have happened. if this it is still in the 30 day period of having the phone from att will they replace that?
    thanks in advance

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    Can you get to the email setup and resend your service books? If not can you get to your carrier's Blackberry site, log in and resend them from there?
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    sorry no
    You can check with att and see if they'll redownload what's needed.I have no clue how important the service book are.At US cellular they replaced my default themes for me for free, when I admitedly deleted them.So I'd check unless one of our smarter stacks gives you a better idea.I hope this helped you a little.
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    All you will need do is resend them to your device as JB suggested. If you do not see the email setup icon then go to your carriers website. Also you can try going to options/advanced options/host routing table and click the menu. There you will have the option to re register your device to the network. If that doesn't do it call your carrier and have them re-push your books.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahiggins2008 View Post
    would clearing the service books on my berry render it useless?
    Service Books won't render your BlackBerry 'completely useless' as in it won't destroy your device. You will still be able to make and receive calls and SMS but other services that use data would not function without these Service Books. These books are sets of instructions for your device, telling it what services you want to use and what settings to use to talk to your carrier network and transmit that data.

    If you ever need to delete your Service Books or wiped your handset, you can resend this information to your device using your carriers BlackBerry Web Client or calling your carrier and asking them to send them to your device. Make sure that data connections is set to 'on' in your Mobile Network settings first!

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