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I purchased a Sena Ultra Slim case for my BB about 9 months ago which ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Thumbs up SENA.....Outstanding Customer Service


    I purchased a Sena Ultra Slim case for my BB about 9 months ago which I absolutely love. Lately I noticed that the magnet must have slipped and the phone wasn't sleeping when I had it in the case. I was able to wiggle it around a bit but after a few uses the magnet would move and again the phone would turn on in my pocket. I fired off a quick email to Sena customer service who reminded me that the case had a one year warranty and barely 3 days later I received a brand new one from them, no questions asked. Kudos to Sena for not only making an outstanding product but also for their incredible customer service.

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    That's awesome, Jeff. I remember when you first posted about this case. I'm going to have to revisit a purchase of one of these myself.

    I use and love Seidio cases. I think Seidio could take a lesson from this and do something about their warranty. If you stand behind your product I think at least a year's warranty is in order.

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    I'd like to second the kudos to Sena customer service. I'm on my third case with them (three different BlackBerry devices). Every time I've had any kind of issue, they've been very proactive in solving my problem without going through a big discussion or any defensiveness. The last time I had an interaction with them, I nearly added this same thread, just to let everyone know that they can depend on Sena for customer support. In the end, I was too lazy, so I'm glad someone else did it.

    The cases are well-designed and gorgeous, too. People are constantly asking me whose case I'm using. I wouldn't even shop for another vendor when it's time to get a new one.

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