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    Rolling Changes?


    > Unofficial <

    This may be some very good news. I have nothing to back this up other than my experience and my observations, which are very encouraging. Over the weekend four people I know purchased the Bold from AT&T, and every single one is just fine! A completely different experience as compared to the three problematic units I had. I'm very happy that these individuals have Bolds that function properly. I know this because I helped them do the setups as they are all new to the BB Platform. Therefore I was able to experience this first hand. I set them up on Saturday morning and as of mid day today, they are all doing well, with no issues.

    Perhaps RIM has done some fast acting on the early issues. Maybe RIM has made some rolling changes as they have identified the problems that some of us have had. I plan to watch what happens with these four and if they do well during the week ahead I may go back and try a fourth time.

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    that's great to hear archer!
    it would be nice to think that RIM really IS listening to the problems that people are having and make the necessary changes to get their end users happy about the $400 they just spent.
    (or however much a new bold is going for)

    makes me happy to hear that!!!!

    hope that those 4 you set up will have very little issues!
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    That great news Archer, Maybe ATT has learned their lesson. . .

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    Glad to read that Archer, trust me if RIM puts as much effort on the ATT ones as they did on the Rogers ones you wont be disappointed.

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