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All of a sudden my ringtone volume has been muted. I've tried all the areas ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Ringtone Volume


    All of a sudden my ringtone volume has been muted. I've tried all the areas I know of and everything seems to be set correctly. I've had the phone since April and it's been fine. I'm thinking I've changed something by accident.

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    what have you looked at in your phone so far?
    first I'd make sure that your ringer in your profiles isn't turned to mute or set to none of something of the sort.

    go to profiles> scroll down to "Advanced"> hover over the profile you are using and hit menu and then select edit.
    there should be two options for every item in there, in and out of holster...
    let's just work with out of holster for now as it comes up first.
    it should look like this:

    out of holster: (you have four options here none, tone, vibrate, vibrate+tone) set to tone
    ringtone: select the tone of your choice
    volume: (you have 5 options here they are: mute, low, medium, high and escalating) select medium or high for now while testing this
    and then there are other options that don't have to do with the sound the berry makes when you are notified, but they are...
    number of beeps:
    Repeat notification:
    number of vibrations

    if you have a tone selected and you have the "out of holster option set to "tone" or "vibrate+tone" and if the volume is not set to "mute" you should get a tone from your phone.

    is it specifically the ringer for the "phone" that isn't working? if so, you may have your phone profile set to do not disturb

    profiles>advanced>hit menu and "edit" the "profile you are using"> click "phone" then scroll to the very bottom last option is do not disturb: make sure it is set to "NO"

    also, are you sure your speaker is working properly? can you play a media file? say a ringtone you have stored on your memory card or one of the pre existing ringtones that come with your berry?
    also, make sure you don't have your profile set to off or something of that nature.

    hope something in here helps, let us know how it goes ok.
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