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Hi All, I deleted BB maps off my Bold as I didn't think I would ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    reinstalling BB maps on bold


    Hi All,

    I deleted BB maps off my Bold as I didn't think I would use it because I had installed google maps.

    I have just downloaded a program that wants to show my location using BB maps - but it crashes out as I have deinstalled it!

    When I go to the BB maps page on the website, the OTA download says my device is not supported (looks like the download only works for OS 4.1 and 4.2.)

    Without reinstalling os 4.6 onto my Bold (I don't want to set up all my apps again), is there a way of just reinstalling maps please?

    Thanks in advance for any help,

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    If you made a backup, you can reinstall BB Maps from the backup and use DM to reinstall. The only other option would be to download handheld OS 4.6 to your desktop and install the Maps file from your newly downloaded OS.
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    I think you can download it to your pc. Then install through DM. No need to reinstall your OS.
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