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Yesterday, I noticed that 'TeleNav GPS' had appeared on my Bold. I haven't downloaded it, ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Provider has downloaded something to my phone and I can't get rid of it


    Yesterday, I noticed that 'TeleNav GPS' had appeared on my Bold. I haven't downloaded it, so I was rather concerned. I rang T-Mobile and they told me that they had downloaded it automatically as a free 30-day trial.

    I said that I didn't want it, nor did I want them downloading things to my phone without asking me first. The girl said I didn't have to use it if I don't want to.

    However, now I find I don't know how to get rid of it. It's under the 'downloads' icon on my phone, but when I use the Desktop Manager, it doesn't show in the list of applications, nor does it show in any of the folders when search them.

    So - how do I get rid of it, please?


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    These things are pushed to your device, I think there's 8 on mine. No way to get rid of it. Just make a folder and stick them in there. There is a thread where someone has said that they deleted the app center and they don't return on their device. However, I've loaded os without app center, deleted appcenter on the device and they are still there and are still pushed. If you want it gone go into your service books and delete the service book for it. It will just show up again when you reboot.

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    they're virtual preloads. the software isn't actually on your device. it's just a link to an internal webpage where it can be downloaded.

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    its just a service book entry... you can hide the icon and delete the service book... but the next time you re-send service books, it'll likely come right back.
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    just create a "junk" folder and put them all there and then hide the folder
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