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Yes they made it more challenging to access the trackball. After you basically take the ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Yes they made it more challenging to access the trackball. After you basically take the Bold apart. there is this little metal case that covers all of the housing of the trackball. You have to lift this off or back and then the trackball unit is removable.It really is kind of a pain in the butt.
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    I changed the trackball and the silver housing on my bold. Lucky to win them and the tools to do it. If you use an exacto knife, you can peel that little white sticker off. Of course my phone obviously isn't visually the same as a new Bold but I kept the silver portion incase my Bold dies and I have to get a new one through insurance. It was hard to do and you just need te torque and exacto knife. I'd recommnd something thin and plastic to help pry things apart. No scratches that way.
    It wasn't that hard to do at all. For me the housing was the longest part. Those little silver tabs at the bottom were horrible to get out. If they ever look close in mine they'll see it was tampered with but my little white dot is intact.
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    I found the Bold much easier to take apart than the 8800. Much less prying. What little prying there is, is also much less violent.

    I'm also happy at the way they have the LCD lens on there so you don't get dust between it and the screen when working on other parts of the phone.

    I prefer the white trackball, but as is widely known, it doesn't stay white forever. When it gets stained, it looks terrible. I may put in a black trackball at that point.... I already have one, but its completely opaque black. I wonder if there is one that appears black but glows a nice grey?

    That silver "shield" over the trackball assembly on the bold worries me. I have no doubt I'd be able to get it off, but I wonder if doing so would cause it to be loose afterward? Can anyone share how that part has worked out for them?

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