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When I try to backup my Bold (which is on a corporate BES -, ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Problems backing up my Bold


    When I try to backup my Bold (which is on a corporate BES -, it seems to be chugging along and then when it gets to Quick Contacts, I get an "Unknown error" and the backup fails.

    I'm running OS Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    It seems the most common cause of a failed back up is either an unknown/unexpected character in a record or a corrupt data base. You may want to look through your quick contacts/speed dial list on your device and see if you have any that have an unusual character (perhaps an asterisk instead of a dash) . If you have a good back up of that data you might try clearing he database on the device and restoring it. The work around is to use the advanced back up feature and select the data bases to back up, avoiding quick contacts.
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    Mine did that a few times too...I tried memory cleaner and that didn't work, so I tried clearing the browser cache, history, cookies, etc... and that worked.

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    I have had this on the RIM forum and there has been no cure yet. My is the unknown error does not always occur aom the same database but mostle MMS. when I have loaded new software 3 times it has created 3 backups that Ican see. If I backup each database individually they all back up Ok. It only fails when I try to do the full backup. I am on all the latest versions of software desktop and Bold and have also tried the deskop on a different PC and also uninstalled and reinstalled. still does work. If I had any hair it would have been puuled out by now. the only good thing is I am on BES so most of my data is backed up there.

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