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hi all I'm having a problem with my browser , when I go to the ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    problem with trying to loonto my browser icon


    hi all I'm having a problem with my browser , when I go to the icon and press it this is what comes up..'UNCAUGHT EXCEPTION: JAVA. LANG. ILLEGAL ARGUMENT EXCEPTION" Can someone plz help me with this.. the only change I've done to this phone is upgrade my O.S to .586 from .330.. my web2go is working, and or if I get let say an email with a link and i got to open it, my browser opens but if I wanna go to something else by pressing the menu page and then press GO TO: it doesnt work because the box thats on the right side of it that says yahoo, google, wiki. etc, it doesnt say anything, it doesnt even let me go there. plz i need help with this... I miss googling everything from my browser...Ty

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    Something I just thought of, did you do a auto restore of your backup, when you updated the OS? Or did you let DM do the backup and restore of your content? The reason why I bring this up is when you go from such a low OS version to a much higher one, some of your content (sound profile schemes being an example) don't transfer well and will corrupt things. Doesn't happen often, but does happen.

    What I would try, depending on your OS updating experience level, is to backup your device (with DM) and apps (with BBSAK) and wipe your device and reload the OS. Then do an advanced restore and only restore the items that you truly need. Things like: Contacts, Browser URLs, SMS, Messages, etc...

    Make sense?

    I know there is a software update guide floating around this forum somewhere.
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