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Anyone out there using PowerMat with their Bold? It's a pretty new product, and there ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    PowerMat and clip holster


    Anyone out there using PowerMat with their Bold? It's a pretty new product, and there don't seem to be many people to call on for advice.

    I've used Seidio spring clip cases with my last few BB's and I'm hooked. But the new back door that goes on the Bold to use with PowerMat connects by hooking itself over the front two bottom corners, which adds a bit of thickness to the BB which makes it no longer fit into the standard Seidio holster. Anyone else out there encountered this scenario and found a solution?


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    Wish I had some advice about the clip, but I too have been wondering about the Power Mat....It sounds like a great product, but pretty expensive! about a hundred bucks for the mat then thirty or so for the adapters....anyone know if it's worth the money?

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    Unfortunately those adapters will add bulk to any device putting them out of scope for most standard skins/cases that are designed for a slim fit.

    According to their propaganda, it charges as fast as a standard wall charger minus the cords. The technology is pretty sound and has actually been in use in things like cordless toothbrushes for years.

    Need to look at the adapter for each device you plan on using as some of them, I think, block the sync/data port as opposed to offering up a pass-thru.

    If I was still traveling a lot i would probably go for the travel mat which folds up.

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    It's pretty cool. Especially if you're as offended by the presence of cords and cables as I am.

    The Bold cover has two cups that surround the charging leads on the two bottom corners of the device. These are the same leads that the desktop cradle uses to charge the Bold. You can see some foil/tape on the inside of these cups which is clearly passing the charge from the induction coil into the charging leads. This is the part that is making me unsure whether the Seidio Innocase width is similar to the size of these new corners.

    The iPhone case completely covers the charging/sync slot, but then has a new port for a "micro" lead. That's a standard type of connection, but not one that is especially common. This micro lead can be used for both charging and data sync so that the case does not need to be removed to charge if a PowerMat is unavailable or to sync the iPhone data.

    Finally, the PowerMat itself comes with one of the charging docks where there is a wire that has a mini-USB tip, along with a complete set of other tips that can plug into the mini-USB and has tips for Samsung phones, Sony, Apple, and a bunch more.

    All in all, it's very cool. I got it for a Christmas gift. I do think the price is a bit steep just for the benefit of wireless charging, but that said, I'm pretty happy I have it, and if I end up having to forego a Seidio clip case, I'll still use the PowerMat even though I'll really miss the Seidio clip case!
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    I have the power mat too, and really like it. Noticed that my Tour charges faster with the power mat in place of the travel charger, about 30% faster with Sprint OS Works great though, and doesn't add that much bulk, about 2 mm.

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    I know the powermat sold at bestbuy comes with a powercube that has a micro and mini USB plugs so you can use that instead of the case that has the charge pad built in.

    Great space saver IMO
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