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I use my phone as a work phone and make up to a hundred calls ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Poor Battery Life


    I use my phone as a work phone and make up to a hundred calls a day. I also send and read emails and surf the web. In short I hammer it.

    I'm afraid the only way my Bold can cope with this workload is if I switch off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G. If I don't. I'm looking at a dead battery soon after lunch.

    I was thinking of going back to my Curve, especially as Media Sync has stopped working.

    However everything else seems to run OK even without the bits and bobs, web speeds are acceptable, etc. I just wonder if I'm paying my mobile operator more because 3G is a more efficient service than 2G.

    I suppose I could walk around with a spare battery in my pocket all day but it doesn't feel like progress to me.

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    I have 3g turned off and only using it a bit and its half way down by lunch. This cant be right. can it?

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    ask me
    ill be honest with you i have 2 phones one for voice only.. my bb is my work phone and messaging phone. i send and receive roughly 100 emails a day. 50-75 texts or more back and fourth.. and im constantly on bbm. also i have viigo pulling every 2 hours. and jive talk on all day. wi-fi and bluetooth is OFF. im at 20-25% at the end of a 10 hour day. not bad. but with the curve i had 65-70% with the same work load. sign up today!! come follow me at and win free blackberry of your choice and cash 1st 1,000 members. spread the word.

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