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My bold has been completely perfect until yesterday! This is when it started hanging up ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Please help my has a major delay!


    My bold has been completely perfect until yesterday! This is when it started hanging up and I would have to do a battery pull and when it wasn't hanging up, everytime I would try to do anything on it, it would have a major 5-7 second delay! This isn't normal, or at least it hasn't been doing this. Nothing has changed, I haven't removed or added anything to the bold. I did send a service book in hopes this would help and it hasn't.

    Any ideas? This is driving me NUTS!

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    What all do you have loaded to it... do you have a memory card? If so move all photos, documents, vids, ringtones to the memory card... I would also do the memory cleaning, also check to make sure your OS is up to date. Hope this helps!

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    Did you add any songs, pictures, or movies to your memory card Using your computer? I experiance this sometimes for a little while after I unhook fromt the PC,(it has to inventory the media card again) but then it goes away, except a couple times it did not sometimes a corrupt file on the memory card can cause it to hang and delay.
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