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I downloaded the OS 6 on my Bold 2. I have a couple of problems ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    OS 6 for Bold 9700 - Few niggling problems!


    I downloaded the OS 6 on my Bold 2. I have a couple of problems which if anybody can help me with.

    1. I cannot find the Bluetooth icon which I like to have on my Home Screen. Does anybody know where to find it so I can put it there.

    2. Application Center (American spelling sic!) - When I go in there, there are no applications whatsoever. When I click refresh list I get the message "An error occured while updating the application list: Error 404". Does anybody know what I should do to resolve this?

    3. BBC IPlayer. This worked on my Bold 2 with the OS 5.... It now says "Your phone is not supported". Any idea why this is?

    Apart from that, everything else is running smoothly.

    Thanks for any help in solving these problems.

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    I may have the answer to 1 & 3
    1. that icon was removed in os6 you access bluetooth from manage connections
    3. bbc iplayer probably isn't supported by os6 would be my guess i sure somebody will correct me if im wrong

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    2 will probably need to be resolved by a OS reload sorry to say.
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    2 The error 404 is when you request a page/connection that does not exist or it has been moved from a site. On an application its a request to a server to load the information (example like a website would running an on screen game) if a battery pull did not work, Re-installing the application center should do the trick.

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    Sherobin -- what do you think? Do you like the OS? What's some stuff that bothers you about it?

    I am affraid of upgrading before the official one because my phone works so well right now. Specifically, i don't want to lose Empowered Pro -- which I am guessing won't work. I know that HTML rendering is supposed to be amazing (and actually Empowered is not that great at html rendering), but it's great at re-formating with color, size, style, etc... -- emails look much nicer overall.

    The one thing I like about the blackberry is that it's truly a smartphone -- a primary phone/email device. yes it can't do videos and media nicely, but it's a fantastic simple interface which can be navigated with push buttons.

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    I like OS 6 on my Bold, but if I was working in my last job using with documents and different programs, I'm afraid of all the things that are not supported as of yet

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