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I recent got a 9780 & after some issues initially, am liking the extra megapixels ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    I recent got a 9780 & after some issues initially, am liking the extra megapixels and especially RAM. I guess the 97xx line is now the line I have the most personal experience with now, since I had the 9700 from the day after its T-Mobile USA launch till the end of last month, and now a 9780 which I hope will be fine until the bugs/kinks get sorted out on the 9900 for me to use my next upgrade on.
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    Update on my 9780

    I've had the 9780 for over 4 months now, and it is still lightening fast and is working as I expected it would. The positives are that the Personal Information Management apps (Calendar, MemoPad, Password Keeper, etc) are keeping my life organized very well; the Browser is really great, I''m on Facebook/YouTube and other sites constantly (without a data plan - I use wifi). The camera and video are awesome, and the times I've compared it to iPhone and Android it has compared very well. I have an 8 Gig microSD in it and the file system on the 9780 makes it very easy to keep over 4000 pictures and several hundred videos organized. The most usable, practical aspect of OS6 on this device is the Universal Search, when, after you get oriented to how it works, is niiiiice. If you have your internet connection on (data plan for most people, wifi for me) you just type whatever you're looking for directly from your home screen and the device returns search results from the internet and your handheld right away. Also, in my case where I have 4000+ photos on my machine, I name every photo exactly what it is. For example all photos of my pretty daughter Sara are named Sara.jpg - (sara1.jpg, sara2.jpg, sara3.jpg etc.) so if I want to look at Sara's pictures I just type "sara" into Universal Search and - pow - there are all her pictures!

    Battery life is still excellent. A very busy "wi-fi telephone call camera video" day on my 9780 still leaves me with 80% battery at the end of the day.

    Keyboard is all BlackBerry, which is the best in the industry.

    I guess the only negative about it is the screen size. Sometimes I look at those big 4"+ Android screens and wish my Boldie screen was larger, but I ain't trading the keypad for a larger screen.

    So, I'm still happy with Bold

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    [QUOTE=Mark Stone;1298897]I just delete them directly from the applications menu:

    Thanks Mark... Sometime we forget KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Sometimes, the best way to clean a room isn't to put everything back onto onto the shelves neatly. It is to throw out the old stuff and make some shelf space.
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    I recently sold my iPhone 4 (needed cash for kids christmas) wasn't exactly my first choice of item to make money on....however I got a 9630 for the cost of shipping from a good friend of mine and I have to say, while not as powerful as the 9780 or 9650 I'm pretty happy to be back on Blackberry. Sometimes simple is better. :-)

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