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    new TMO 9700 user - I'm in love, but...


    Hi all,

    I finally traded in the old Treo 680 for a shiny 9700, and I love it. I'm running my own little Blackberry Professional Server on a VM at home and waiting with bated breath for the release of the new BESX.

    There are few things that I'm curious about:

    I'm using the charge cradle on my desk, and I have bedside mode turned on from 12am to 8am. If the unit is in the cradle as 12am rolls over, it doesn't go into bedside mode. If I pull it out and put it back, it does go into bedside mode. Similarly - if it's in the cradle at or after 8am, it doesn't leave bedside until I take it out of the cradle.

    Can I add more rows of icons to the home screen? 6 is not enough. I don't need fancy themes or other frippery - just more icons. In my searches I see that some BBs used to come with a theme called "Icons" that did that - but not the 9700.

    On the Treo, there was an app obviously inspired by the BB that let me hold a key for capital letters, and then took it a step further with a double tap for alt characters. Any such thing for the BB?

    Can I somehow remap the "$" key for a "."? I know about hitting two spaces, but I really want a separate period key.

    That's all for now I guess - thanks so much for any assistance you can provide.

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    I found this 9700 theme that is like the old icon themes. You can check it out here

    Since I don't own a 9700, I'll leave your other questions up to our other proud 9700 stackers
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