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    Question New Bold user with Audio head jack and incoming call


    I am a new Bold user, upgraded from a pearl 8100 a couple of weeks ago. I am sure that I don’t have to tell any of you WOW what a good choice that was!!! But there is one thing that the pearl did that I can’t seem to get the same on the bold. I use Slacker radio on my commute and use an Auxiliary connection on the car audio for the music using the Audio jack on the Bold (the sound quality and volume has greatly improved over the pearl). However when I get an incoming call on the pearl, the notification would play on the car audio and I could answer the call simply by pressing the answer key. The phone would send the audio through the car system and the phone would pick up my side of the conversation. With the Bold the music stop and the phone itself rings and using the answer key answers the phone but does not send phone audio through the headset connection to the car audio. If I hit “speaker phone” (which is tough to do driving down the road) no help. I end up having to unplug the phone and use as normal.

    Any idea if there is a setting to get the Audio from the phone sent through the headphone jack? Maybe this is a Slacker thing?
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    A couple of things. Have you tried to answer a call thru the auxilliar input without playing slacker radio? Also check to see how many rings the aux cable adapter has on its jack. I think the blackberry requires 3 rings. Most 3.5mm uiversal jacks have 2 rings. I've noticed this makes a difference. I'd try ordering a BB oem aux adapter from pinstack store or maybe some other bb accessory store. hope this helps!

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