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So, I noticed there's a VPN feature in security, at least while you're on WiFi. ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Need VPN help on Bold.


    So, I noticed there's a VPN feature in security, at least while you're on WiFi. That would be cool for me as I am on BIS, but would like to be able to log on via VPN (and it hurts my brain to comprehend why you'd want to use a VPN on BES) so I can hop on the Lotus Sametime instant messenger.

    My company has the Nortel Contivity VPN, though they are in the process of phasing it out in favor of F5 firepass, but Nortel still works on my laptop for the time being.

    I set up the VPN profile to match the PC client, which uses a SecurID hardware token and PIN. I tied it to a Wifi profile, but I just keep getting the error "VPN state: Error - general" when I hit login, and it does that very quickly... probably too quickly to actually try to log in.

    So what gives? Do I need a particular service book for this or something? Don't see why since it only runs on WiFi... I am on AT&T, OS

    The only setup that looks strange to me is that when I check dynamically assign DNS, it still has fields for me to input IP address, netmask, etc, and then some IKE encryption types I don't have to set on the PC client, which I figure are related to the SecurID token. I don't feel I've connected far enough to worry about that yet, but I may be wrong.

    Is the Dynamically Assign DNS option really talking about DHCP, or something else?

    I cannot contact my company's tech support because while we are allowed to run company software on a personal machine for the purpose of doing work there and use the VPN, etc, its not supported by the help desk. If we have problems, we're on our own. So I'm not looking to break any rules here, just won't get a hand with this from them. If I could use my own laptop, I doubt they'll mind a blackberry checking IMs, since its going to likely be more secure anyway. No comments about whether allowing non-company machines to connect is wise or not. That's a long and unproductive discussion, and one line quips won't help me or add to the knowledge that people can access here about VPN setup, it will just clutter the thread.

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    You may want to try this link to Blackberry dot com site for your answer. This may help with your issue of connecting your BB. I am going to give it a try when I am off of work myself!
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