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My boss was in town today (actually, my boss' boss) and I got to see ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    My Boss and his Eye Phone


    My boss was in town today (actually, my boss' boss) and I got to see his Eye Phone Four in action. He got to see my 9700 in action too - we sat side by side and compared features. Pictures and Video was a virtual tie, although the Eye Phone's screen was larger, the colors and display on the Blackberry was better. Eye Phone looked a little washed out in comparison. I think this is because of the higher density of pixels on the Berry. The mechanics of viewing the pictures was clearly to the advantage of the Apple. Zooming and re-sizing pics on it was great (just a sweep of the fingers across the screen), whereas on the Berry the controls are really primitive. Keypad was another tie: I had trouble typing on the touchscreen on the Apple and he had similar trouble on my qwerty. Internet Speed: We both connected to a wifi from the hotel next door. Just using the browser, the Eye Phone was faster: Using applications (YouTube application, and Facebook) the Blackberry was faster. General processing (getting around the menus, etc.) was also a tie. There was no lag in either device. PIM applications (Calendar, Tasks, things like that) the Berry was waaaaay better.

    I was very surprised how well my 9700 (9 months old) compared to the Apple. But I'll tell ya, as he got in the taxi to go to the airport he was thinking "A BlackBerry would be nice!" And as I packed up my stuff to go home, I was thinking "Them Eye Phones aren't so bad after all!"

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    LOL! Too funny, Mark..... I bet that if either of you were to switch to the other device, you'd both be back on your originals devices within a couple of days.

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    heheh ... agree with Roger 100%

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