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hello, i have a bold with AT&T. I upgraded the OS to because i ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Thumbs down more dropped calls then any network anyone? AT&T



    i have a bold with AT&T. I upgraded the OS to because i heard good things. and my bold runs just fine from battery to gps to 3rd party applications to no memory leaks.

    THe version that it came with was decent to except for the memory draining out like crazy which was irritating so i moved up a build or 2.

    anyways, my real issue is that I am getting crazy amounts of dropped calls. Usually the second time I call, it will stay connected but the first call i make or recieve from a person has a 50% chance of going dead and then displaying the message, "CALL FAILED."

    anyone else having this problem??? there anyone out there who knows how to stop this. It's really starting to get annoying especially when I get the occasional important call and the dam thing drops the call and I end up speaking to myself for an extra 20seconds without even knowing.

    ALSO, anyone getting the issue where the call gets dropped and the person who you are talking to get re-directed to some spanish recording??...i have had 2 or 3 reports of those as well.

    COMMENTS, FIXES, CURES, anyone else having same issues or know why this is happening???

    what a bitter sweet my bold relationship is sometimes.
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    Good Try
    That is a rare thing bro. I have the same phone you have the same service, and even the same software installed, and even before I had my bold, I never " not even once" have I had a drop call, but I do have 1 question 4 ya? When your call is drop is there any signal change? And how long does it take to re-connect to the party you were talking to? My opinion, if you keep having drop calls issues I would give AT&T a call to find out what's up in your area, or maybe just maybe, the phone you have might have a tiny never know~via BB (

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    Since I got my Bold, I have 1-2 bars more reception consistently than with my Pocket PPC.

    Also, the PPC used to drop calls what switching between EDGE and 3G...not so with the Bold.

    The Bold, is consistently better than my PPC or my LG phones.
    Jim Girvin
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    No problems with At&t

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    I get the same stuff with my Bold & AT&T

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    Yep! Especially in the last month. Every other call fails! Thinking of switching to Verizon I'm so frustrated.

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    I have a Bold on Optus Australia (I know, different country)... I've been having the same issue but only in a certain area. I am told by Optus it is network related.

    One thing I found helpful is to set to 3G only rather than 3G & 2G; or better yet set to 2G only (though you lose the speed of 3G data).

    Other than that, I found a little gem called SignalLoc; s/w that locates and records network tower locations and your location in relation to the tower (Inc GPS co-ord's). This has helped ID the problem areas so when I talk to my carrier, I'm armed with some specific data.

    Here's a link to JerryD's list of apps (you find SignalLoc in the list).
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    Get .219 then. Never had that problem with it.

    Or go back to .167.
    I have a BlackBerry and a WhiteApple. :)

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    Been with ATT for like forever and never ever had a drop call, that and the rollover mins is why I stay. I have a Boldberry running 210 as well, I'm on the east coast.
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    No Way
    Not had a dropped call in over a year from my AT&T service. While my friends with T-Mo and Verizon all have dropped calls all the time. It is not so much the carrier but the coverage they have in your area. This is why it is SO important to make sure you have coverage in your area within the 1st 30 days or return it back to the carrier. Do not believe the cute little maps they show you as T-Mo was to have excellent service at my office and home and did not have service at either. You had to go outside to make a call.

    Poor service on a Blackberry is really bad.
    in Jax, FL

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    ~via 8120 (

    I'm getting calls failed and poor signal strength on my 8120 with OS with TMo. It fluctuates between 2 and 5 bars daily.

    But I believe it is due to a loss of towers out here due to Hurricane Ike (Houston got slapped really good). Several towers I rely on got damaged and haven't been fixed. I keep checking the maps and I'm supposed to get great coverage but don't. I'm switching due to this at the end of my contract. Considering going back to AT&T or to Sprint.

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    Only been with AT&T for a few weeks, but so far it's been lots better reception and call wise than my Verizon phone (8130). I think it really depends on where you are. Verizon has great signal through most of my city. Just not by my house. Kind of makes it inconvenient. So far, AT&T has been noticeably better at home and at my primary client's office.
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    it might not be your phone. my boyfriend was getting the same thing.....calls just ending and it said "call failed". turned out that it was the person on the other end's phone screwing up and dropping the call, and the bold just displayed call failed because i guess it knew that it was a drop.

    as for the spanish is that? never heard of that

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    ~via BB ( I have a curve on tmo but, ive experienced the "call failed" before. I have noticed that it'll call fail when in incoming e-mail. Text, im, being received. That's the only time I've experienced this.

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    I've had that problem with AT&T from late november to mid january. I was told it was a network issue and that AT&T is downgrading their 3g network to attempt to repair it. After being told that it should be fixed in 2 weeks I had enough. Switched to sprint and have had nothing but smooth sailing from there. Faster data better call quality. Btw I'm supposed to have full 3g coverage in my area and my phone indicated this but the service was still sub par for the 210 I was paying a month.
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