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Hi All! I have been receiving this language update prompt (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish). This happens ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Language Update Prompt?


    Hi All!

    I have been receiving this language update prompt (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish). This happens when I launch Desktop Manager. I walk thru the update and it indicates that I am trying to update a my existing newer version with older... Thus I cancel etc...

    Frustrated, as I would like to get rid of this prompt? I'm only using English/Spanish defaults. Am I the only one? Any fixes? I figure its something to do with DTM...



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    This happened to me every time while I was running .210. Can't remember what I did, I think I sent the OS file to the recycling bin and this solved it. It hasen't happened to me since going to .219. I'm now on .234 for about 4 hours now. Its been a month since I was running .210. I would try this, I always send my old OS's to there so I may restore them if needed. ~via Bold~

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    I have found two plausible solutions.

    1. Open Desktop Manager BEFORE you connect your handset.
    2. Then click on "Syncronize"
    3. Now connect your handset
    (You can now run your syncronisation without the annoying "Checking for updates" text.)

    1. Locate the OS file on your PC (generally C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\...
    2. Create another folder in the "Loader Files" directory and call it something (perhaps "Originals" or something like that)
    3. Drag the OS folder into the newly created folder
    (this effectively stops Desktop Manager from finding anything to compare the Handset modules with on the PC; it will also however stop you from being able to add remove BB modules (e.g. BBmaps) via the Desktop Manager)

    Hope that helps.
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