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I just locked the screen by holding the mute button. After 10 minutes the phone ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Keyboard lock


    I just locked the screen by holding the mute button. After 10 minutes the phone rings and I could not answer it. I saw a little padlock icon in the lower right. The call went to voicemail but I could not get anything to respond on the phone other than the power off button (end button). I turned it off and on with that but the padlock was still there. I took the battery out and rebooted. It came back up fine.

    Any clue as to what may have caused that. I thought * send was the secret like my curve but that did not work either.

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    you put the bb in standby, but it wouldn't come out of standby to answer your call?

    i don't use the standby button, i've always used the "k" pressed for a second and it will lock the phone. to use the key shortcuts, you have to disable 'dial from homescreen' in the options menu of the call log.

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    The other thing you can do and thats what i do is put the keyboard lock on the left convenience key and the app switcher on the right one therefore when i need to lock my Bold i just press the left convenience key with the edge of my hand - really convenient!

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