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I have the msn messenger on my phone and it makes an annoying chime everytime ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Just a few questions....


    I have the msn messenger on my phone and it makes an annoying chime everytime someone messages me. How can I change it? I went through msn options already.

    My bold was extremely lagging yesterday, on nearly everything I do. Why was this? Such as dialing n opening apps.

    Why does the shuffle suck? I have 400 songs, I hear the same ones every time I hit shuffle music. It sometimes plays it twice.

    Are there any really cool free apps for the bold? I have found some sites are incompatible or you gotta pay. So far I feel like I been investing money for no reason...
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    Check your phone "profile" for MS messenger alerts~via BB (

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    Click on the Profile icon.
    Scroll down to advanced
    Highlight the profile you use
    Click edit
    Look for Windows Live Messenger
    and change new message to whatever you want.
    The default sound is indeed ANNOYING

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    ~As far as the Shuffle goes, every time you hit Shuffle, it is as it was hit for the first time.
    via BB (

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    As for your "lagging", what version is your phone OS?
    Turn phone off then do a battery pull - this is a BB first maintenence step.

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