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Originally Posted by archer6 ---- It's important that the readers are not mislead. The most ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer6 View Post
    It's important that the readers are not mislead. The most common standard for over 10 years is 802.11b. This is not a frequency as you have stated. The frequency that 802.11b operates on is 2.4GHz. While their are other increments, they are not used for any public WiFi hot-spots such as those in Starbucks, hotels, airports etc. Plus it has nothing to do with costs as a,b,g,n are all deriviatives which use the same hardware which is simply tuned differently. Proof of that is that they are all backward compatible.
    Just an addition to that, a is the standard that never got adopted (throughly) like g did since the [real world] speed gains versus b were negligible.

    But Archer has it down. Good info!
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    Don't think anyone is being misled bro, I didn't know we were only talking 'the last 10 years" as that's the first time that time frame has been brought up. Starbucks, airports, etc use G as well as B, most mid-range to high-end routers have a mixture of bands/ I stated previously, B is cheaper and slower than a, therefore why it is used more recently..~via BB (

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