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I'm well aware of the RIM outage and have the new bbm However, I'm ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    issues the past week


    I'm well aware of the RIM outage and have the new bbm

    However, I'm having issues with staying connected to the blackberry network, which in turn also seems to affect my browser connection.
    As of righ now, I have a full 3G bb symbol and a solid lined connection box in the top right of my screen.

    But in a matter of a min or two ill have no bb symbol, a dotted connection box and a 3g in my upper right of my screen.

    Is this still an issue with RIM??
    I'm at work and have never had a signal issue before this week.
    Could it be my phone??
    Am I the only one experiencing this?

    Any feedback would be great, thanx in advance.

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    You could call att and see what's up with the towers in your area. I have had and still have that issue in my area. Been like this since june. very annoying when it happens. I called att every month to see if the issue is fixed and it never has been.

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    Its at least slightly comforting to know that its an issue with the carrier and not a reflection of your phone.

    Typically the only time I get 3g is when I'm already in a situation with reduced connectivity.

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