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    is this dangerous???


    In the home screen, press: alt L alt G alt L alt G

    A techy list pops up and I've been told its a log of EVERYTHING I've done on my Bold.
    Is it safe to delete this and will it better my devices performance???
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    The log is safe to delete. I've never noticed an increase in performance but some people swear that it helps.

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    I agree with alryder. Check your file free before and after deleting the logs. You won't see much change. The only time you would need them is if you were trouble shooting with tech support so deleting them won't hurt if you are not having major problems.
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    I just did it on my 8900, it didn't improve performance, but it certainly didn't hurt anything either.
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    I've never heard of it.......would do it on the storm....but just did a full wipe and fresh install of 5.0... I'm too bored I guess lol

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    The space saved is very negligble.. Not wort the time and effort IMO. Like azstar said, it's only useful when troubleshooting major porblems.
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