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Is there a way to do this? I added an 8GB microSD, making the 1GB ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    installing apps to the device memory


    Is there a way to do this? I added an 8GB microSD, making the 1GB useless. Is there a way to install apps on the built in 1GB, thus freeing up the system memory.

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    I think all apps you install are on the device memory itself. I'm not sure I understand your question clearly.

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    Presuming you meant supplemental memory, as all progs are downloaded to device memory, the newly released Berries continue to lack a provision to install 3rd party apps to supplemental memory. Any that you download will install on your device. Hopefully RIM is working on this glaring shortcoming. There is a product called Aerize Card Loader that will store on supplemental, yet use native memory to execute and operate progs. It has it's shortcomings, including the fact that any prog already on the device can't be transferred to the media card, and must be re-downloaded to supplemental memory using Aerize. Here's a link to their site:
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    if im not mistaken its an easy firmware update that will allow us to use the entire phones memory for apps

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