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Originally Posted by archer6 It's rather simple really, because I have read all the specs, ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer6 View Post
    It's rather simple really, because I have read all the specs, seen very clear pictures, review the FCC filings, and patents, and have a full understanding of what this phone is. I have zoomed the pictures up to greater than full size to inspect the key shape, the amount of space between them, and the keyboard. In my two year quest for the BlackBerry model with the best keyboard for me (notice I didn't say for everyone) I have become somewhat of a BB keyboard expert if you will. I own every model of BB sold since Jan 2006. Without going into all the details suffice to say that I prefer the keyboards in the style of the current Curve 83xx series. Regular shaped flat top keys, separated by spaces. The "other style" is the type like the 88xx series, and now the Bold have. Side by side keys, sculptured (look close) on the top which reduces the surface area that comes into contact with your finger. I type so fast that odd shaped sculptured keys do not work for me. Also I'm used to the regular keys as offered on the 7130, and the Curve. Even though it's a smaller keyboard and I have large hands, I can type without having to constantly look at the keyboard on a Curve. I cannot do that on an 88xx or Bold. However most people probably do not process the 60 to 80 emails a day that I do when in the field every week. So again, it's really a matter of personal preference. Back to the upcoming 89xx, it's designed as a direct replacement for the Curve, it's styling is stunning, it's size is ideal, and I like the smooth flush covered camera lens in the back. I predict, that it will outsell the Bold by a wide margin, just like the current Curve is the number one selling BB. At just $199 including 3G it will be a bargin. Well worth waiting for. If anyone wants a new Curve 8310 to get them by for the six months or so, until the 3G version is out, AT&T has them on sale at just $79.99. Quite a bargain.

    Well, that’s one of my favorite features on my curve, the keyboard. Havent felt another device that feels as comfy, then again I came from the Pearl. I might type without looking sometimes as well, havent really noticed lol. The iphone touch screen was a nightmare, the g1 keyboard was awkward. You had to have a longer right thumb to really be comfortable typing. And basically if this is indeed a Curve 2 with the same or similar keyboard I’ll be happy. Honestly haven’t even felt a Bold. I pass by ATT stores here and there, so next time I’ll stop in and feel it. Probably will have the same views on the keyboard which would have automatically prevented me from buying it anyways.

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    i guess if you're zooming into the pictures and measuring the space between the keys, you're serious about your devices. haha. all i gotta say is, why take a smartphone and examine it so closely? unless you're working for RIM, i don't think you're ever going to get a phone that is 100% what you want. there will always be discrepancies. but that's just my opinion.

    i, on the other hand, don't have that much time, nor desire to perform an evaluation to that extent.

    so far, for me, the Bold is great. i have no complaints. hasn't lost a wi-fi signals in the times i've used it, 3G speed seems blazing fast for a handheld device, and the keyboard seems to work well with my typing. i'm using it for about 60 emails a day, about 50 text messages a day, and phone calls, not to mention the calendar/notes features as well.

    if you want a high quality camera or video camera, go buy one. just like if you want a solid media player, go buy an iPod. something will always have to give, unless you're building something yourself, for you specifically. but what you might love about a device you create, someone else might not.

    i believe the Bold to be the upper echelon of the smartphone market, as it stands right now, in my opinion.

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