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Originally Posted by thasiccest13 A phone reseller in los angeles, said he HAS 5 att ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by thasiccest13 View Post
    A phone reseller in los angeles, said he HAS 5 att branded Bolds in stock? i have [purchased many phones from him before. he said YES they are ATT, and the BlackBerry Bold 9000.
    I'm going tomorrow at 6pm to get one,
    is this possible or is he just an idiot?
    just to inform you.. ive purchased roughly 7 att bolds.. even some with the latest known firmwares.. all pin locked. all sent back.. all a headache. every single one. from people i knew and didnt know.. luckily i got all my money back for all of them. i dont want to say i doubt your supplier. but i will say there is noone other then rim and att field testers that have att branded bolds that are not pin locked. thats a fact. also there are sites that have the bottom pice where the branding is for sale for 4.99 and takes about 30 seconds to change. i baught one on ebay and on startup was movistar.. but att branded. so id be real carefull.. but i know for a fact. 110% only rim and att field testers have real un pin blocked att branded bolds. sign up today!! come follow me at and win free blackberry of your choice and cash 1st 1,000 members. spread the word.

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    ill have to agree with what Nicky said as it is completely right and confirmed from my BB rep.

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