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    How To Keep Your Bold Secure?


    I've been using my BB to do more banking transactions and checking on numerous online accounts. Because of this I've become more curious on how to keep my BB more secure.

    So...what precautions do you guys take to keep your Bold secure?
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    Don't have a Bold, but I lock my keypad or put it in standby to keep the screen off. I also use the Memory Cleaner to clear any passwords that have been entered. Also, clear my cache, cookies, internet history via the Browser Cache function.

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    Assigning a password (with it set to wipe the device after so many incorrect attempts) is probably the number one thing you can do to start off with. There are some third party apps which allow you to remotely lock and/or wipe your device from another phone or computer (via SMS, email, or a web interface), but I'd still say just password protecting your device is the best (and least inexpensive) thing you can do to start with.
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    I use the password feature to keep mine secure, as well as never letting it out of my sight...

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    I hate the password required feature. Any number or info that is critical are stored in the password keeper application. You banking software needs a password so it is not in danger. I use my phone to many times a day to screw with a password. I have been using a Blackberry for many years and do not leave it laying around. I am either holding it in my hand while in use or it is in the holster. Never lost a phone or Blackberry except while deepsea fishing and not too worried while it sank over 900 feet to the bottom! <vbg> The password keeper can be used for alot of very critical stuff.

    If you are a drug dealer, put a password on it. If you loose it call your carrier and have your SIM turned off and get another phone.
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