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How do I move pictures from device memory to my media card? Bold 9000 4.60 ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    How Do I.....


    How do I move pictures from device memory to my media card?

    Bold 9000
    4.60 247

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    Click on the pic you want to move
    Click function (blackberry) button
    Scroll down to move
    Click on move
    Scroll up or down to move into
    Select media card folder and click again
    Hope this helps!
    ~via smartphone

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    You can move them like if it was a flash drive, if you hook up the usb cable to your PC, it will find 2 new drives, the first I believe is your Device, the second is your media card.

    You can also go into Media on your blackberry, press the menu or BB button and goto explore, then you can look around in either media card, device, or system..

    I dont have anything on my device memory so i cant help you from there but i believe you should be able to move it or copy it from there, or you may have to open the picture first.

    Or do it chokem's really easy way :P lol
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    I don't have a Bold (Curve 8330) if it's the same- when you choose the pic then click the BB Menu button (left of trackball) and choose "move" from the menu.Then you can move it to a specific folder within SD card.
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