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    headset compatibility


    Quick question : I recently tried out the iphone 3GS (after selling my Bold to do so). After a few weeks, I realized how much I missed my blackberry and I'm happy to say I am now back with a new Bold with plans on selling my 3GS. My question is, after installing some applications like Pandora and Slacker radio on the Bold and listening through the "blackberry" headset I do notice that the music sounded much better through the iphone headset but when I attempt to use the iphone headset on the Bold it does not work. My older ipod headset works fine(but is falling apart). Is it possible the new 3GS headsets have been changed or modified by apple to be incompatible? Visually the plug in looks exactly the same. It just seems odd and I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this and are there any suggestions for a better headset listening experience other than the sub-par blackberry headset that comes with it.

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    you should be able to use any headset that has a universal jack. there are tons of options out there, check on amazon. i use a set of skullcandy full metal jacket ear buds and they work great, and they're pretty cheap. i've heard good things about the bose as well.

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    Any 3.5mm headphone jack will work in your blackberry. And there's no reason that the 3gs jack shouldn't work if it looks exactly like the others that have worked.
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