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    GMail issue....driving me nuts

    Advertisement really going nuts now...
    i switched to POP with my gmail account on my Bold because IMAP had so many issues, emails were delayed and some didnt come through at all..
    BUT now it is all starting again...despite some emails RANDOMLY are not pushed to my bb...and the thing is absolutly randon because most email come through in few seconds...

    any thoughts how to solve this???

    i tried almost everything...resending service books, deleting the account, etc...

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    gmail has always been very good to me. pushing all emails in about 2 seconds. here lately there has been some problems with RIM/verizon. verizon says it's RIM but who knows. i'm sure it will get worked out so hang in there and you should be fine.
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    If I read correctly, this whole gmail issue is supposed to be resolved with the new BIS update/release.
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