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Hi, I have a blackberry bold, and for a all but 2 accounts my emails ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    emails not working after using different sim card in diff country



    I have a blackberry bold, and for a all but 2 accounts my emails are not coming in. I have about 10-15 email accounts on my phone.

    I was in Europe for a couple months, everything was working great. This is the first place I connected my new rogers bold (yes before I connected it to rogers)

    I then travelled to NYC, and hooked up my bold to TMOBILE. Everything worked great, I didnt setup all email accounts, just the main ones.

    I am now back at home in Canada on Rogers, I have all my email accounts setup on, but not all of them are coming in. I have deleted and recreated the accounts on

    When I sent emails, I have the signature "sent from tmobile" on my emails still .. I am not sure why, the emails should be going thru rogers. I am guessing this may be related to my problem.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this ? I am guessing some settings are still stuck to tmobile but I am not sure if that makes sense.


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    My best guess is, if you have not done it already, go into options, advanced options, Host Routing Table, click menu button and register now. After that go into your fido account and re send service books. Like i said, I dont know if you have done this already but this usually fixes almost all email issues for me.

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    ask me
    Go to fido's page and delete and re add all your email accounts then resend the service books and that should do the trick
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