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dl now-- thnx pdx... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    dl now-- thnx pdx
    Phone: T-Mo S4- Stock-Rooted

    Device: T-Mobile S3
    Device: HTC Amaze 4G
    Device: HTC Vision (T-Mobile G2)
    Device: BlackBerry (9700, 8900,8320,8120,8100)

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    my battery temp shows 89.6f. My phone does not feel hot at all at this temp.

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    Mine feels hot after I unplug it from the comptuer after I have tethered on it for about 5 to 8 hours ! LOL

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    Mine gets "warm" sometimes after its been tethered for several hours and its constantly sending and receiving data. sometimes it gets warm/hot when its charging ( i assume because some of my chargers are trickle charge and some are not). I heard from some this is bad to have your phone get warm/hot and from others i heard its not a big deal. just like the other people who replied to this thread. best of luck

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