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Originally Posted by Mark Stone Roger, the DEL key is one of the few keys ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Stone View Post
    Roger, the DEL key is one of the few keys on a BlackBerry QWERTY that cannot be used as a speed-dial key. This has made a number of people, including me, angry because it would be the perfect key to assign Pizza Hut Delivery! Imagine how the world would be if all you had to do was to press the DEL key for DELivery!! In anger, a network of BlackBerry users and a smaller network of covert RIM employees have entered into a pact to undermine the usefulness, and weaken, the current DEL key. Although you can get a replacement or repair, the problem will not really be solved until RIM allows the DEL key to be used as a speed dial key!!!
    LOL!! Now you've gotten me really angry, Mark!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJerk View Post
    Hmmm, the first 9700 I ever picked up felt as you described and almost turned me off from the device. I later picked another 9700 up, in a different state mind you, and it feels great (completely different than the first one I looked at); I upgraded then...

    I only tonight noted my 9700 is made in Canada. I do not know where that first 9700 was made...

    true that!! glad you like the newer version, as the 9700 is a beast! love this phone. i dont know how accurate wikipedia is, but if you type in 9700 bold, it even listed some of the issues that were made in mexico.

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