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Hello Bold users, I am considering purchasing a Bold, but would like to know a ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Data Plans and GPS


    Hello Bold users,

    I am considering purchasing a Bold, but would like to know a couple things about the data plan and GPS first.

    I do not intend to spend money for a data plan if it's not going to come to any use. Most of where i go, I have wifi access (my home, university, downtown Toronto). And i believe I can use instant messaging, email, and browsing with this wifi feature without having to pay any data usage fees. Correct me if im wrong please!

    Also, as far as GPS. I don't intend to use that ALOT but sometimes I have last-minute meetings in random places and it would help if i knew how to get there. Now, i dont want to have to purchase a data plan JUST to use the GPS feature.

    I'm wondering if there is a way to use the GPS feature (getting directions, perhaps vocal integration, etc) without using any data at all? I understand that maps have to be downloaded from the internet. But is it possible to download one big map of Toronto and just stick it in the memory of my phone, and then use that map to get directions to any location in toronto? or would i have to download a separate map for each place i intend to go? lol any information on this would be greatlyy appreciated.

    Thanks is advance!

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    You will need a blackberry data plan. It is "technically" possible to have a blackberry without a data plan, but in reality it's just not going to work. I'm sure this thread will soon light up with all kinds of responses for "yes you can" to "no you can't" to "you kinda can". Yes, you can browse the web, check email, etc., with wifi, but blackberries still need a data connection for various reasons.

    Your data plan will absolutely be useful, well worth the $30 or $35 for a BIS plan. You will be severely handicapping your blackberry without a data plan. The blackberry is a top notch communications device, it is simply a Ferrari without wheels with no data plan.

    Google maps/BB maps does not work quite that way... you will need a data connection while you are out on the road to load the map as you are moving. While google maps does not feature turn-by-turn or voice directions it is highly regarded as the best GPS/Mapping application out there although some people swear by BB maps. And there is always AT&T navigator which will have turn-by-turn directions if you so desire, and for an extra fee of course. Personally, I have never had the need for turn-by-turn, in fact, I actually prefer the free Google Maps app.

    I have recently switched to the Blackberry Bold myself (from the iPhone) and I can tell you that the Bold is a very powerful device, and I think that you'll love it. There is an intial learning curve, but you have come to the best place (IMHO) on the net for all the support you could ask for to help you get aquainted with your new blackberry. Definitely get the data plan, you're doing yourself a disservice without. Welcome to the stacks, and I hope you enjoy your blackberry as much as I do, when you get it!

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