So My blackberry 9000 finally died recently and my assistant manager gave me his spare refurb 9000.

First problem to over come - the IT policy. I had to manually remove the IT policy from the phone with JL cmdr then after doing that I thought all my problems would just go away and I could then use my phone as a tethered modem with att communication manager software. WRONG

I did more research and found that there is a mass storage fix. (my phone was showing the symptoms of that problem) and I thought that may be why communication manager could not detect my phone. The fix was applied and my mass storage is working just fine. But I still cannot no matter what I do get communication manager to recognize my blackberry.

Is there anyone out there that can tell me why my last bold 9000 worked perfectly with that software and my new one does not.

I have tried everything and I think it may have something to do with that pesky it policy that was originally installed on the phone. ---- I did a low level rewrite using jl cmmder to do /reset to factory

any help on this would be great.

I am at work so if anyone wants to BBIM me that would fine PIN: 211DA6A0