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    Clock / Time Refresh Delay


    This may be a 4.6.x issue and not a Bold issue but ever since I upgraded I've had a problem w/ the clock on my phone.

    When I wake my screen up after my phone has been idle for a while, the time that shows on the clock is not correct, it's usually the time when I last played with by BlackBerry. After a few seconds (5 - 10), the clock updates to the current time.

    I notice this most often when I have been out of service coverage for 10 - 15 minutes or so (right after I get off the Subway). I'm not sure if its waiting for coverage to update w/ the network but time isn't completely network dependent.

    Has anybody else experienced / found a fix for this?



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    I see it a lot on my Pearls (8100 and 8120) when I wake them up. I don't know if it's a battery saving feature or what.
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