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First, I apologize if Ive asked this before - But I still cant resolve what ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Calendar Issues


    First, I apologize if Ive asked this before - But I still cant resolve what seems to be a very simple thing - here goes...

    I have 2 PC's, a work one and a home. Both handle, in Outlook their own email addresses and calendars - not very extensive but different just the same.

    Is there a way I could connect to both pc's, sync, and just merge the calendar data without getting all these messages about "default calendar" and getting duplicate and triplicate entries? driving me nuts!!!

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    Does this not work with the multiple calendars? Haven't tried it myself. But the BB gives you one default calendar plus one calendar based on each email address you set up, right? Can the Desktop Manager not specify which calendar to sync with?

    Or is this what you are already trying to do but getting the default calendar messages?

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    After struggling with the sync options between my BB and my laptop and desktop.....I ended up resorting to the final solution.....the BB always shows all calendars and I enter all appointments only from the BB and I use the different calendars only to display the different colors as I attach a significance to the colors and I only check appointments on my BB and I never sync......only back up is good again.
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