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hey everyone... i have a unlocked att bold on tmobile.. ive had it for a ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Question Buffering Issues : (


    hey everyone... i have a unlocked att bold on tmobile.. ive had it for a while now sincle like november... and everything works great the internet and mms and everything.. lol i love it,.... all exceppt my media player.... i can watch clips on youtube but they continue to buffer itll play for like 4 seconds then buffer and continue to do the same thing. and even after awhile on itll say and error occured while attempting to play media or something like that. i was wondering what i need to do to make it work properly.. i have good signal strength on the EDGE... do i need to change the settings or anything???

    all help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.. lol and hit me up my pin:249DB9E2

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    Well for starters, the Edge connection could be to blame. Even if you have a very strong Edge signal, streaming youtube clips demands an extremely solid network connection. Heck...I get buffering once and awhile using a super strong 3G connection. The only way I have been able to watch clip after clip on youtube without any buffering was with my Wifi connection at home.

    This isn't to say its impossible to stream video via Edge, but it will be much more flaky. Even with a "strong signal" there are going to be varrying changes in reception/interference that go unseen to you, but that will effect a streaming video.

    Good luck with your Bold, have had mine for over a few months now and (aside from my own OS update experiements) it has been 100% problem free.

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