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Originally Posted by JasonHDD Ok, first of "people" doesn't have to mean you. Second, there ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasonHDD View Post
    Ok, first of "people" doesn't have to mean you. Second, there are plenty of other forums, and there are quite a few people having problems with the Bold, including here. There is a problem with low memory right out of the box, a lot of people are getting the 205 App error, and some others. Just because YOU haven't had any problems doesn't mean they don't exist and it's rather naive to believe so.

    Example #1:



    And thats just a minute amount of the problems some people are having. But for a device to have ZERO 3rd party apps installed and have low memory when theres 1GB of Internal and 128MB Flash, means theres a problem.

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    Bold Memory Problems

    Many people are having memory leak problems. My Bold started with 20MB free memory and was down to 5MB withing 5 hours of playing around with it. I did not install any software, just played with the provided apps.

    Then I used DM's app loader to remove all unused language support. After the restart I had 40MB free. Several hours later I was down to 15MB.

    I tried a battery pull and had to do that 4 times before an error free restart happened. I had lots of Java errors and once the start screen icons were scrambled and some were missing. Finally it booted error-free with 42MB free.

    I now use ALT-RightShift-DEL to reclaim memory when it gets low.

    Lots of others described exactly the same symptoms. The problem is, if you don't check your free memory, you may think everything is perfect until memory hits bottom.

    Check Options-Status-File Free periodically and see if you are losing memory. The Bold has twice the system memory of previous BBs so there should be lots if all is well.



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