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Just so you know I had bother connecting to my wireless modem router (zoom). It ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Just so you know
    I had bother connecting to my wireless modem router (zoom).
    It appears blackberries in general having connection issues depending on the router.
    I had an old wireless router lying about and plugged that in and the bold connected superbly to it.

    Looks like the connection is router specific - not sure if settings can be adjusted on the most temperamental ones.

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    I would guess that most new-to recent routers can be "tweaked" to some degree to aid the connection problem. I was able to do it with my 2WIRE, certainly not the latest model, with the help of an AT&T technician who explained it and its "relationship" to their DSL world.

    Many routers have different channels to pick from and power settings that can be adjusted. Also the technicians can verify that you don't have conflicting noise on your line. (All that's from my experience with wi-fi connection issues.)
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