I had to replace my Blackberry Bold -- screen was causing a high-pitched buzzing sound when on -- and I received a refurbished Rogers Bold the other day as part of their warranty program. Before packing it up, I decided to compare the two side by side, and I discovered they both have different screen tints!
My older Bold has what I'd call a cooler tinge, giving me an almost perfectly white white. The newer Bold is warmer -- so much so that my white is more like an eggshell or cream color. The brightness doesn't appear much different between the two.

I compared my refurbished Bold to a work colleague's and his was totally different as well -- almost a bluish white, and dimmer. All of these were tested at 100 percent brightness.

So I'm wondering, what's everyone else's experience?

Is this a one-off (ie. bad Bold), or starndard? I read that iPods had a similar situation -- and some Apple rep said it was intentional.