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Didn't see the Thunder listed there, must be blind! ~via BB ( BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Didn't see the Thunder listed there, must be blind! ~via BB (

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    ~via BB (
    My fault. That was for the bold- don't know where I saw the thunder forum sorry for the false hopes! It was a link off of a forum here about the" 5 things you didn't know about the tunder" search it-it was there somewhere!

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    Now all of the Bold 'case' accessories have an availability date of 9/10/08. I hope that pushing back the availability of the cases doesn't mean the Bold release in the US has been pushed back too

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    Ive noticed all these retard scammers always use "USA" after they list the state. Like its not common that this is the country we live in...morons...dont fall for this crapola...

    Quote Originally Posted by bassvictim View Post
    this is the reply i got from him:

    Thanks for your interest, Yes the Phone is available for sale.Its a Brand New Unlocked phone incompany pack and comes with all accessories and also with a year warranty and 4 weeks returnpolicy.please note that we are located in Texas,USA, i really don't know where you are located,we can ship to any location with in 24 hours with FedEx and you get your package at your doorstep.Please tell us when you need the phone
    Hope to hear from you.
    Get back to yours with your full name and shipping address. soon

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    What is up with the wait!!!!!!!

    Why do RIM take so long to release their product; this is beyond me.
    ..........SHAKE N BAKE..........

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    Some Sad T-Mobile News:(

    Hey Everyone-
    I currently am a employee of T-Mobile, and I just got an email today stating that we are not getting the in ever...This was straight from my market manager. I also talked to a BB rep at the last market meeting we had and she even advised me that we wern't going to be getting it. This is truly sad. I love T-Mobile because of there rates...but with the selection of phones that we carry is just not very competitive. YAY, we released the sunset curve...big effing deal. I mean Att released that last valentines day. I dont understand why T-Mobile is so behind or doesnt want to get any good phones....I understand we are the verge of becoming 3g...but key word "verge". I guess i'm just a really disapointed BB user and disapointed employee....I know we will be getting some sort of New BB device b/c we have a contest going until the end of september. The contest is only for tmo employees but if I sell 10 bb's with data plans then I will win this new device....they didnt' say what the device is. They had the same contest last year before the curve was released. The only thing I can think of would be is the kickstart...but who wants that? well, i'll let everyone know what win....sorry again for the lame news....

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