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The Bold is definitely the way to go, I have had both and as far ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    The Bold is definitely the way to go, I have had both and as far as the blackberry experience goes that everyone here loves the Storm SUCKS for productivity and takes many more clicks to do everything that is usually so simple... ie making a call, texting, messaging, etc.

    The bold also has far less issues than my storm which I sent back in under a week. I do not know what the new firmware upgrade did but it still wasn't enough for me to want to keep it with many other problems that cannot be fixed, such as the dead spots on the sides of the screens, the crummy software, or how slow you have to type on the screen.

    Go Bold and you will be a much happier person.

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    Bold and Storm

    I used a Bold for a month before getting so tired of poor AT&T network performance that I returned it and switched to Verizon. It was a network decision all the way, but I did pick up the Storm and can share my experiences.

    Bold positives: great screen, great keyboard, very fast switching between applications, WiFi (plus free AT&T hotspot use such as Starbucks) and solid battery life.

    Bold negatives: too large for comfortable pocketing, froze up a few times or rebooted and gave me strange error messages upon restarts (might have been related to 3rd party apps -- never found the cause).

    Storm positives: great screen, very cool form factor, perfect (for me) size for hand and pocket, great battery performance, I find the browser to be more reliable than Bold.

    Storm negatives: virtual keyboard is less accurate than physical (but I do like it and the suretype vertical option -- just more errors to correct), no WiFi which sometimes helps in poor coverage (basements, etc), somewhat laggy in operations (typing, switching between apps, and I have upgraded the OS).

    Overall they are both good devices. I run a small business with heavy email/texting and have no desire to return my Storm. And I would have been fine with the Bold other than the too large for the pocket issue.

    I agree with earlier posts -- if the user really needs to pound out a lot of emails, the physical keyboards on other devices are more capable. If, however, the email usage is for screening with shorter replies being acceptable than the Storm will do great.

    Good luck.

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    My recommendations is let her test drive both of them and have her chose.

    I have the bold and I love every minute of it. The att ad is right; its really fast. But I would like to try out the storm to see how it is.
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    I have the Bold and my girlfriend has the Storm....honestly, I don't see much difference outside of the touchscreen. I like the bold because my 3g seems to connect a little more often.

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    I agree with Planneau. I think you should have your wife try both of them out before you buy her one. A lot of my friends who have the Storm (who are first time bb users) kind of regret getting it. Then, there are my other friends who love it. I think it's just personal preference.

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    As touch screen is nice, and it simulates buttons with the whole click featurem, I still seem to love the bold
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    Firstly, what service do you have ? If it is GSM then don't go for the Storm yet. Some features don't work like the browser
    I have a Storm 9500 unlocked and am using it with ATT but unfortunately I was told that I would have to wait a while for the service books to be made available for the browser.
    The Bold is pretty fast but the only downside to it is that its bulky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinb1 View Post
    Hey fellow stackers, I have a question, I have the bold which I think is great but my wife wants the storm which one is really better, should she get the storm, is their a lot of problems with the touch screen ? Please let me know because I am swayed to the bold. Thanks
    It's a personal pref thing...I have used the 7105t/Pearl/Curve and now the Storm....true it take some getting use to, it has some bugs and I think in time vzw/RIM will work it out!! When I first got it I wanted to throw it through the window from the 27th floor....but it's almost 2 weeks my typing speed has gotten better....Lol but there is not a lot of apps out there for it @ the moment and most apps u have wont work on it...if this is her first bb I would say get the BOLD the storm is not to taken lightly (my opinion)!! it got me frustrated/scared at first, but I decided to frustrate/scare the hell out of it instead!! Now we tight!
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    its interesting to read all the posts here about their experiences and opinions about the bold and storm. I have found another use with the storm that has become a great plus..i made an adapter for my storm that connects it to my cigarette lighter in my car, just aft of the gear shift lever, so that when I am driving i do not have to hold the phone. It is mounted like a gps unit. With its bright screen I can read it quite well. Combined with hands free it is now the easiest device i have ever used to make/recieve calls and now have a way to read/respond to texts. (not that i condone or text while driving, but answering yes/no or using quick text is quite easy)
    Also pairing with your bluetooth car stereo you can see your playlist easily.

    ps. I'm getting ready to test an extended battery for the storm, will fill you in on the results shortly.
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    Bold all the way! Hahaha

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    Yeah I would have to say the storm. But it is personal preference. I'm actually typing from it now. I used to have a pearl 8100 for t mobile. The service sucked at my house. I used to have att back when it was Cingular and the service was okay but I'm sure they got better since then. I have to say though, Verizon is pretty dang good. Besides the small hassles they put you through to make you pay for stuff, like navigation.... Panzies. But I have come to love the functionality of the storm. Plus its cheaper then the bold. And if you get it from best buy you get a free Bluetooth. Just make sure to ask. Hey does anybody know when the storm will get more apps and themes? I'm hurtin over here. Everytime I search for them I get storm mocked themes for 8***. Anywho, good luck shopping.

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    I was playing around with the Storm for the first time earlier tonight at a store. The first thing that struck me was the messy screen with all the finger prints and smudges. Not digging that too much. The other thing I didn't like was how the entire screen presses down when clicking on the buttons.

    I'm glad I went with the Bold.

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    I'm getting the Storm! Just ordered it through Telus today, so I'll let y'all know!!!

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