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Hey fellow stackers, I have a question, I have the bold which I think is ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Bold or Storm


    Hey fellow stackers, I have a question, I have the bold which I think is great but my wife wants the storm which one is really better, should she get the storm, is their a lot of problems with the touch screen ? Please let me know because I am swayed to the bold. Thanks

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    it will really come down to what you use the phone most for? from what ive read on here if you want a flashy cool looking phone go with the storm, but if your more into email, texting that kinda stuff, go witht the bold. My personal opinion would be the bold, but i do a lot of email and texting. I played with a storm at a verzon store and didnt really like the touch screen. On the other hand ive heard a lot of people say you get used to the touch screen.
    So just research it and figure out what she would use the most, or what device she likes better.

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    As a former Storm owner I'd wait until the next gen somes out. I had plenty of problems with the phone I had. Now I will say that others I've spoken with there phone fine not a problem. I can say this Verizon has a 30 policy. So get it test it out then if don't like it return it.

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    I wish I could recommend a Bold, but it's so expensive. I don't regret getting one, but it's overpriced, considering you can get a Storm for less.

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    Does she like touch screen over a real keyboard?

    If she is a first time BB user then the Storm won't be a bad choice, but if she's an old time BB user, she might have a hard time getting used to the Storm because it's totally different compare to a standard full keyboard blackberry.

    Don't get me wrong though, people will eventually get used to their new device, but some just doesn't.

    There were numerous problems when they released the Storm, but thankfully, RIM released an upgrade which fixed most of the issues.

    I suggest stopping by a Verizon store and try out the Storm. Good luck!

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    I never liked the Bold and have openly said so here. However I think I'll be changing my mind. I got to play with a bold before and didn't like it, then I got to play with a different bold and I think the one I used before was defective. The browser was fast and it loaded OTA apps like nothing, overall I really enjoyed it. It was on the out of the box OS and I'm only guessing it would have been even better if it was updated. Pinstack was in some painfully small font though. Can't comment on the storm haven't used one. But that's my next berry I think ~via BB (

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    In my humble opinion, as a business user, there is no question.....

    If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe. - Carl Sagan

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    I have been using the storm since launch, have sold around 20 of them since also.
    The phone was very sluggish and buggy as we all know, but as soon as .75 was released I updated mine and tested the **** out of it. It was a very noticeable improvement from .65. It still has some issues, slight lag at times. sometime the screen will hold in horizontal position for a few extra seconds. The camera is still way off the mark (but i'm assuming that there will be a major improvement with the next OS release).
    Transfer and download speeds are improved over the curve. (i avg 97 kb/s here in my home compared to 73 kb/s with my curve). Bluetooth file transfer has also been improved (anywhere from 73 kb/s to just over 100 kb/s depending on the file type) over my 8330 although I don't believe the range is quite as good.
    At times when answering a call by pressing the touch screen it will not answer and I will need to use the physical call button.
    Voice dialing with my Plantronic 520 and locked a couple times with which the phone holds on the white screen and not asking to make a command (depressing the call/answer button on the 520 will cancel the que)
    All in all, I'm pleased with the phone. But I'm patient and a tinkerer, I realized before the device was even released that the software will be a work in progress and never had expectations that it would be problem free ( what new device is at launch?)
    I do believe that the hardware is quite sound but its the software that needs more development. VZW rushed the damn thing to market for the holidays. I'm giving my customers an extra dose of support on their devices and are updating them as the updates are released.

    Just a tidbit that I came across this weekend, the newer phones are shipping with .75 now, but noticed that it's not a complete upgrade as what is available from smithmicro, I suggest that if you purchase a model that has .75 installed to go ahead and check if it needs to updated. I will post what the differences are tomarrow as I am out of town at the moment and do not have a boxed device on hand.

    I hope this didnt confuse any of you more than you may have been....
    "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

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    I CAN tell you that you could do messaging and texting more efficiently on the Bold. You just can't go wrong with RIM's physical full qwerty keyboard.
    I've used them both, but I ended up with the Storm.

    After having been exposed to a full touch screen device like the Storm, there is just no going back, well at least for me. I own and manage a few commercial buildings and properties, but my new Storm gets me by just fine...

    Did I mention that the Storm takes better pictures than the Bold? It was a pretty big deciding factor for me as well.

    Good luck!!!

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    [FONT=Verdana]Can't help you much WRT the Bold but will share my experience with the Storm . . Actually I'm new to Blackberry and to the Storm. I've been a Treo 700w user for several years. I waited to convert to Blackberry until the release of a touch screen version. I've had the Storm for over a week now. At first I wanted to throw the damn thing out my car window and run over it a few times after trying to type on it for a day. But I preserved and now I'm getting used to the keyboard. Simple operations like cutting and pasting have taken some time to master as the screen uses a "float" technique which is not as easy as using a stylus on the Treo. After a week, I would say I am more impressed with the email/texting/IM capabilities but that is just a function of Blackberry not the Storm. I have played around with the media center . . . easily adding pictures and video. I haven't had any success getting iTunes to download on my Storm. The Blackberry software on my computer tells me it has been transferred to my Storm but my Storm doesn't show it in the media center. The camera is slow to take a picture but the quality is good. Haven't used it as a video camera yet. Note much in the application department yet. I have only used the facebook application, which is nice for monitoring your facebook. I don't care much for the calendar. I used Pocket Informant on my Treo. Pocket Informant is only available as a beta version for the Storm and the Pocket Informant support staff recommends waiting for the actual version which has a TBD release date. I have had great success synching my Storm with my MS Outlook using the Blackberry software that comes with the Storm. Oh, the browser is good but when you use the keyboard it hides most of the screen, which makes logging into sites a little tricky. Lastly, I almost forgot that it is a phone. Only problem with the phone is the speed dial. I have to go to the speed dial screen to select my speed dial recipients which kind of defeats the purpose of speed dial. Also for some reason my Bluetooth disconnects when I use speed dial and I have to activate it from another screen, again defeating the purpose of speed dial. Bottom line, take advantage of the 30 day return policy and tinker with it for awhile. If she is patient and can get used to the keyboard, she’ll probably like it as mine is growing on me.[/FONT]

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    ~via BB ( Storm all the way......

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    I've only had a few hours on the bold compared to the Storm, which i've owned since release day. I personally love the Storm and have owned 2 BB's before (pearl, curve) obviously with physical keypads and trackballs. I actually miss the trackball more than I do the keyboard. The keyboard had a slight learning curve to it, but after the updated OS and some tweaks to the setting and adding a small foam pad between the batt and plate I think the keyboard is amazing. I type faster on my storm than I did on my curve. Granted the Storm still needs some fixes, but I'm sure they will be coming soon.

    More importantly I really think it's going to come down to her preference/needs/priorities.
    Productivity = Bold
    Multimedia functions = Storm

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    not having either, but dying for both - i've done quite a bit of reading myself... Currently the only carrier who holds the Storm is Verizon in the US and Telus/Bell in Canada..

    Many words later, the Storm will be arriving to other carriers (SIM capable) around Q2-Q3 of 2009. Still in love with my Curve, I'm upgrading to the Bold until I can get my grimy hands on the Storm. And who knows? Maybe by then the OS will have been perfected for touchscreen usage.

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    New to BB Like the Storm

    I have started to master the SureType in portrait orientation, however, when typing proper nouns, it is awful. The Storm wants to correct the spelling and does eventually for words that are not in the dictionary since they are proper nouns. I did find that once you correct the spelling in landscape, and go back to portrait, the proper noun pops up in the choice box. That's good!

    I sell on eBay, and browsing classic is difficult. The hyperlinks require multiple taps ans the probram takes a very long time to load. I also find that browsing eats up yor battery power much more than any other function.

    As a new user to the BB, I love the push email. It is a very logical and easy to use system. As an eBay seller, all my email questions are sent to me as well as sales and item endings all notified on email. So I am happy.
    My itunes only partially loaded my podcasts but not my songs. If anybody knows how to fix this, I would like to hear from you.

    I have a problem if I go back to correct a misspelled word. Moving the cursor is balky, it works sometimes and doesnt other times. Anybody share this?

    All in all I like the Storm but I carry my iTouch with me to take advantage of faster wifi download speeds if I need to surf the net. I wish the Storm had Wifi!!

    I am happy overall with the Storm but I look forward to further software upgrades as well as the App store which has been promised.

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    Had a few bb's over the years and now have a storm. I love it. If u are used to typing war & peace each day then get the bold but if u are a personal user then a storm is for u.
    The storm is based a personal users and as a personal user I adore it.
    I looked at the bold and it was too big. Got offered a storm and. Left my curve behind.

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