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Aiyssa, I feel your pain. I have been looking for the perfect phone and think ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Aiyssa, I feel your pain. I have been looking for the perfect phone and think I have now found it...or at least I have the closest thing to it.
    I started off on the HTC band wagon. They synced well with XP,wifi, touch screens, etc. I then took a break and had the 7130g...a brick ugly phone but VERY stable. It did exactly what I wanted it to do. I then got another HTC, then the curve (8320), then the TyTnII, now the BOLD. I am thrilled with it. I can't seem to sell my tytnII though!!!!! Hahahahaha. My problem is that I am a bit of a phone guru, and ever since I got my bold, and opened my mouth about it, my friends got it also and I can't get rid of the HTC!!!!
    It is all personal preference. If you liked the curve, you will LOVE the Bold. A few ppl I know got the iphone as a status synbol, but the novelty wears off quite quickly apparently. They are missing the additional features of the BB.
    Having gone thru more than 20 smart phones looking for what I think is the best one.......I now have it (IMO).
    Good luck with your choice....and happy new year to all!!!

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    I'm glad to hear more and more people reporting that they have found the smartphone they've always wanted in the Bold. I kept telling my wife each time I got a new BB that "this will be the phone I can keep long term." I said that after getting the Pearl and then even moreso after the Curve. I don't know if she believes me anymore but the Bold far surpasses anything I've used and I have even less doubt in my mind now that this WILL be the phone I will be able to stick least for a year.

    ~via Blackberry Bold (

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