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Hi all, I'm about to upgrade my pearl on the UK's O2 network to a ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Bold on O2. Roaming and wifi ?


    Hi all,

    I'm about to upgrade my pearl on the UK's O2 network to a Bold (18 month contract with unlimited email/web), and want to check some things :

    1. My SIM is probably 18 months old. Will I need a new one to use 3G and wifi, or can I use my existing one ?
    2. Should I otherwise expect wifi to work ? (I saw some problems mentioned on a forum from the beginning of the year, getting wifi to work on BIS)
    3. What exactly does it mean for wifi to "work" ? I know I can browse the web over it, but will emails and sms come over wifi ? Can I make phonecalls over wifi like they do in the USA (using "UMA")? I suspect that O2 doesn't support UMA...
    4. Can anyone tell me what great things can be done with wifi on a Bold, apart from calls and emails. What are some good apps I should get ?

    I'm going to Japan to get married next month, and O2's roaming costs a fortune. I'm hoping I can use as much as possible of my phone's wifi abilities while I'm there. If O2 doesn't support UMA, are there any wifi voip clients the bold does support ? Skype would be sweet. I've seen some apps which claim to support skype, but they all seem to use a voice connection, and not use IP to the phone. While overseas I need to avoid the voice connection.

    Or, I'm considering signing up for vodafone UK for a month while in Japan. Their "passport" service for international roaming is much better value than O2's roaming costs.
    Or, I see "Orange" supports UMA, perhaps I should sign up with them for a month. Their website is useless though, I can't find out anything about charges for data or roaming or anything...

    Thanks for any info!

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    I am with o2 and i recently upgraded.

    Yes you need to ask them to send u a 3G sim card

    I have had no issues with WIFI, so I am guessing you will be fine.

    AS for roaming cost, yes they can be a bit expensive, but I believe ther is a bolt-on which is going to make it cheaper for you. You can add this on and on your return ask them to take it off.

    Another advantage is that instead of making phone calls back here, you can text instead and it will not cost you anything. Basically, when abroad, a text message will equal 2 UK text messages, which will be deducted from your monthly allowance

    If you go on tariffs above Ł45 a month, you get a discount on roaming as well.

    I suggest you speak to someone at o2 customer services to confirm this

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    Thanks sk1d,

    I'll definitely ask for a new SIM.
    I think the bolt on you're talking about is "ITS" or similar. From memory though, it only decreases the cost of a Japanese roaming call from 1.99 pounds to 1.77. Or something like that. About 10% to 15%. It seems like a joke to me.

    Vodafone passport on the other hand lets you use your minutes, or the price of a normal local call, for only 65p extra for each received or outgoing call while you're overseas.
    Yeah, the text thing is good at least, although I heard from the customer service guy that it was the cost of 4 SMS, not 2.

    I also heard that I can't get a bold until 22nd, and that I have to call back then, I can't preorder. Anyone have any idea if they're lying to me about the date ?

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    Regarding the UMA question Gib, the Bold doesn't support UMA, so the native wifi cellular encapsulation is out. I haven't heard of a 3rd party Voip client for the Berry as yet either.

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