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i have been watching videos, at work in my bold like for 2hrs straight, i ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    BOLD --its getting HOT


    i have been watching videos, at work in my bold like for 2hrs straight, i can fell the back getting hot ( battery). I just wanted to know if this is ok and if this device can handle that. Oh and it videos of youtube, so its

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    warm is definitely normal
    warmer is normal as well
    but actual HOT definitely not

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    My Daughter actually had that happened to her this past weekend, but it was because, she just got it, would not put it down and when the battery got to low she plugged it up to charge, but continued using it as it was charging. She stopped using it during charging and it was all back to normal...

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    Sometime if you left an application running in the background or perhaps didnt close out of the inernet all the way and it is still connected, it will warm up the battery. I closed ATT Navigator once with the end button and it didnt close it out all the way and it ran in the background until I realized it. Just a thought.

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    My Bold got inexplicably hot when I was charging it a couple of days ago--- happened twice. I disconnected the charger and it STILL ran extremely hot-- the battery drained from full to empty in less than 10 minutes! In the interim, I've done two things; the problem hasn't reoccurred, but I don't know which, if either, did the trick:

    1. I changed the setting so that the clock did not show when I plugged in the charger;

    2. I upgraded to OS .210 from OS .190. So far, the problem hasn't reoccurred.

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