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I broke my headphones at work last week, that weird little thing where 1 side ... BlackBerry Bold forum

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    Bold headphones... very..not good


    I broke my headphones at work last week, that weird little thing where 1 side slowly starts to stop working.... happens a lot to me....*thinks*....

    Anyways, so i had a small flash back, and it was all grey and spooky with lightning like all flash backs are, and i remembered that when i opened my Bold it came with headphones, the tube style that goes in your ear too.

    so i get to putting them on, and as i expected sound was clear and crisp, nothing bad to say about that. BUT!!! *loud clash of thunder* the backing of the headphones are almost like... square shaped? kinda bulky in in the back, restricting them from going a little deeper in my ear, thus making them fall out from the slightest tug on the cord from walking or what ever. I tried changing the cups to the other sizes but i still couldnt get them to stay.

    So... unfortunately they are banished back to the Box they came from.
    This story wasnt put together to waste time, im just wondering if anyone else has experienced this with the issued head phones.

    or are my ears just so fantastic they cant hold them correctly?

    ***Story written, and dictated by Xaroc***

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    I have the same issue with the headphones to. It somehow doesn't want to fit in my ear. When I am listening to my music, as soon as I turn to the side, it will fall off. I prefered the headphones that came with the Curve. It sounded way better than this. Find that it doesn't have the same bass quality. I am using a regular head set for now.

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    idk lol i do use Shure headphones for my music listening so the quality is hard to match/beat but the BOld headphones arent that bad i find.

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